About Cultivate Euphoria

Hello beautiful soul, thank you so much for considering joining the commUNITY here at Cultivate Euphoria.

We invite you to read through our studio etiquette and make sure these align with you before coming into the studio. We appreciate you being here and contributing to the collective frequency that we are co-creating together.

Our Pillars


The best investment you can make, is investing in yourself.

Allow your yes to expand what you thought was possible as you take time to explore investing in your wellness on and off the mat.

You get to take the first step towards amplifying your intentions and desires, we will guide you, hold space for you to show up exactly as you are, but remember it’s your job to continue to show up even in the darkest times, remembering the only way out is through. As long as you choose to show up, know that we are here to walk the path along side you.


When you find alignment in a heart, body, mind connection, your soul frequency radiates. The confidence that comes from becoming more and more crystal clear on what matters to you, ripples out into all aspects of your life.

We invite you to say yes to experiences and classes that align with your values and heart.

Get ready to connect with a likeminded soul family who deeply see and respect you. They are walking the path alongside of you, cheering you on, and also showing you it’s safe and supported to be YOU.


Curiosity is the key to expansion. When you allow yourself to follow a curious spark, you expand your awareness and continue to learn and grow. Your soul shines even brighter in this container as you tap into the euphoria within.

The more we learn and grow, the more we shine and inspire others to do the same, and before you know it, we live in the glow of each other’s radiant light.

It’s your time to SHINE, your light is ready to be shared with the world.

If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

Studio Etiquette


There are three spots that say Unit 25 in front of the building and there are several spaces around the whole building (front, both sides and back) that say visitor parking. During office hours let’s all be respectful of the other businesses and try to utilize the correct spots. Street parking on Edgeley Blvd is also an option if the lot is full.


Upon arrival please take off your shoes and come on upstairs and place your shoes in the provided storage unit to the left. There are hooks for jackets/bags etc., and shelving units to store your personal belongings. The front door will be locked once class begins.

Cell Phones

Please note there are no cell phones allowed in the studio space during classes & experiences.  You may use the storage for personal items right outside the studio space. Ensure your ringer is off if you are storing here so it doesn’t disrupt the class.


Give yourself ample time to ensure you can arrive early to class to set up your personal space and get into the energy of settling in for your experience. The door will be locked once class begins, please avoid knocking as we don’t want to interrupt the class that has started. Late comers unfortunately will not be permitted in, we will start right on time.

Energy Ownership

We understand there is a lot going on outside of the studio, life can throw us curve balls and it’s hard to know what detour may be thrown your way next. As you open the door to come upstairs we invite you to soften fully and unpack the weight of the world that you may be carrying.  Give yourself permission to be present with yourself, your energy, your feelings and your heart, this time is for YOU.

Respecting Others

When entering the space please be respectful of others. If you see students laying down or meditating prior to class, consider using a quieter voice if you are talking.

Please treat others with kindness and compassion, everyone is accepted here. We ask each individual to bring their own “belonging,” meaning every time you step into the space you deeply know you and everyone else is meant to be there, and each and every soul is worthy of the journey they are on.

If you are sick, please stay home and take care of yourself, this isn’t the space to “sweat it out.”

Washroom Mindfulness

The studio washroom is equipped with a shower that is for staff only. Please respect this as we have the future of the studio in mind. We know we will be adding more classes with shorter times in between them, which means we don’t want to cause a line up for the shower or bathroom and we don’t want the shower and fan running during classes as it could take away from the experience. When using the washroom please ensure to leave it the way you found it. If supplies run out, please let a team member know.

Gratitude Box Energy Exchange

There will be a gratitude box at the front of the room that will always be out if you ever feel called to offer a special something to your guide. This could be a note, it could be a physical item, or something of monetary value. Please know this is not mandatory, but we’ve realized over the years sometimes students feel called to give extra after a class as an exchange with the teacher, again only if it resonates with you.

Mural Magic

There is an incredible mural in the studio space, it is a potent piece of art that was created with love, magic and joy. We ask that you do not do any handstands or practice on the actual wall. You are welcome to take pictures (before or after class) if you choose.


The teachers, guides and staff at Cultivate Euphoria have the right to ask any student to leave the class if they are not listening when it comes to safety. If you are putting yourself and/or others at risk it’s grounds for removal immediately with no reimbursement for that class.

If you're searching for clarity on something that isn't captured here, don't hesitate to reach out to us using our contact form.